• Glimax Professional – New Super Strength

  • Cut'n'Paste Shrub and Tree Weeds

    Cut’n’Paste Original Weed Gel

  • Cut'n'Paste Bamboo Buster

    Bamboo Buster Weed Gel

  • Picloram CutnPaste

    Picloram Weed Gel

  • MetGel used on a privet stump

    MetGel Metsulfuron Weed Gel

  • Lawn Raider used on a Golf Green day of treatment

    Lawn Raider Weed Gel

  • Cut’n’Paste Roll-On Weed Gel

  • 20L pump attachement for refilling Cut'n'Paste 450ml bottles

    20L Pump for Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel Jerry Cans

  • Cut'n'Paste Bottles, Pumps and Brushes

    5 or 10L Pump for Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel Jerry Cans

  • 450ml Cut’n’Paste Standard Empty Bottles with Caps

  • 250ml Cut’n’Paste Bottle for brush top application without brush and label

  • Replacement Cut’n’Paste Brush top and cap

  • Cut’n’Paste T Shirts

  • Drench Gun for Cut’n’Paste Gel application whilst standing

  • Belt Pouch For Bottles from CutnPaste

    Belt Pouch for Cut’n’Paste 450ml Brush Bottles in Khaki


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