Weed Types

Cut’n’Paste Original is a broad spectrum gel that will kill grasses and broadleaf weeds by stump treatment or leaf wiping

Bamboo Buster is double strength where you’re dealing with known tough customers like privet and rhamnus and of course Bamboo

Use the Glyphosate gels on any grass weeds like Pampass, kikuyu, twitch or couch grass.

MetGel is best for Gingers and other rhizomatous and tuberous plants.  Take care it’s soil residual. It won’t work on Solanacea like Wooly Nightshade.

Picloram is a soil residual herbicide too and is very tough on broadleaf shrubs and trees.

Chinese Privet

Chinese Privet Bamboo Buster, MetGel or Picloram on the stump

Bone Seed

Bone Seed Cut’n’Paste Original on the stump

Bear's Breeches Acanthus

Bear’s Breeches Acanthus Cut’n’Paste leaves or the stumps

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger MetGel on stumps

Tree Privet

Chinese or Tree Privets Bamboo Buster, MetGel or Picloram on the stump

Silver Poplar

Silver Poplar Cut’n’Paste the stump


Rhamnus MetGel, Picloram or Bamboo Buster on the stumps


Ragwort Cut’n’Paste Original on the top leaves

Moth Plant

Moth Plant Picloram or Bamboo Buster Weed Gel on the stem and cut stem


Lantana Bamboo Buster on the stump or abraded stems

Japanese honeysuckle

Japanese honeysuckle Cut’n’Paste the stump or the leaves


Hawthorn Bamboo Buster Weed Gel on the stumps

Grey Willow

Grey Willow Cut’n’Paste  Original on the stumps


Elaeagnus MetGel, Picloram or Bamboo Buster the stump

Darwins Barberry

Darwins Barberry Bamboo Buster or Cut’n’Paste Original on the stumps

Crack Willow

Crack Willow Cut’n’Paste the stump


Cotoneaster MetGel or Bamboo Buster the stump

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